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Now Securely Erase your Documents


The safe and easy to use encryption program to protect your documents from prying eyes! The encryption algorithm is proprietory only to PB Software,LLC. For only $9.99 VERSION 11.6

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Encryption for Documents is an easy to use program to protect or erase your documents safely and securely.  We have used an excellent encryption algorithm to protect your documents.  Encryption does not change the name of your document or change the icon of the document when it is done encrypting it.  The file looks the same as it did from before the process began.  Only Encryption for Documents knows when it has been encrypted.  If people look at the document on first view it just looks like the original file.  Then, if they try to open it, a message such as "file may be corrupt" is displayed from the program that they are using to look at it.  You must open the document that you encrypted with our program called Encryption to decrypt it. 

We hope you enjoy Encryption for Documents.  We have priced it reasonably as always and appreciate your business.  Our mission has always been to provide professional software at a reasonable price!

Please note, no encryption program is 100% crack proof.