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Turbo Charge your Applications!

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Thank you for selecting Application Accelerator. The technology that is incorporated into this product, combines the newest CPU techniques to provide your applications with the greatest application performance. Application Accelerator optimizes your computer’s performance and makes your computer faster by the use of a matrix and by prioritizing the CPU's performance based on the matrix. Other running applications are also prioritized based on the matrix and given a priority.

No matter how fast you’re CPU, Application Accelerator will make the application you are running much faster.

Upon startup, you will see a Double-click this icon and it should appear in your tray


If you right-mouse click on the lightning icon located in the tray, it will ask you if

you want to quit using Application Accelerator. This is the only way that you can disable Application Accelerator.

This is a real time performance product made specifically to give your applications the best speed possible. This product will improve all applications that are being used by the user.


Only $19.99 for limited time!

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We hope you enjoy the product as much as we do.

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