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Protect your Family and Schools Against Porn and much More!

Why did we develop Stop P-O-R-N? We believe that pornography goes against our values. We wanted to make this software as affordable and effective as possible. Buy it once and receive a lifetime of updates. We are only charging enough to continue supporting this software. Thank you and God Bless!

Version 8.9.4

Many Upgrades/Added More Browser Compatibilities

No Annual Fees....Ever!
SALE $79.99 for 5 installations

Discount Pricing Available via Store

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Purchase Stop P-O-R-N Now! Only $79.99 for 1 licenses. Substantial discount pricing available! Lifetime Updates


  • Pornographic Website Blocking using Stop P-O-R-N's internal database.  Free updates

  • User Programmable Website Blocking.  Block any website you Choose!

  • P2P File Share Blocking

  • Stop any Application from Running

  • Internet Time Out - Set the amount of time you would like the internet to shut off.  The internet timeout only disables the internet and keeps the PC usable.

  • Real-time e-mail notification

  • Ability to Install Stop P-O-R-N in stealth mode.  In this mode no shortcuts will be visible to the user.  Stop P-O-R-N will be virtually be invisible to the user.

  • Security

  • VPN Users cannot Bypass Stop P-O-R-N's Protection

  • Many more features

Many more features!

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The Internet Timer that is included with Stop P-O-R-N enables a user to predefine how long the internet will be active of the PC.  The internet timer will only disable the internet connection and not the PC functionality.  


website security

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