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Freeware-No Restrictions!

Version 7.7

Professional Version Coming Soon!

Compatible with all Browsers

Protect your Family and Schools Against Porn and much More!


  • Pornographic Website Blocking using Stop P-O-R-N's internal database.  Free updates
  • User Programmable Website Blocking.  Block any website you Choose!
  • KeyLogger to monitor what your Child is looking at or typing.
  • PC Lock- Stop P-O-R-N Pc Lock is included with STOP P-O-R-N.  No extra charge!
  • P2P File Share Blocking
  • Stop any Application from Running
  • Internet Time Out - Set the amount of time you would like the internet to shut off.  The internet timeout only disables the internet and keeps the PC usable.

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Ban pornography and other content from being displayed on your internet browser.  You may use Stop P-O-R-N's internal database for stopping the display of pornography, or you may use your own, or even use yours and Stop P-O-R-N's together. 
Stop P-O-R-N can ban ANY site that you wish to ban by creating your own ban list. 
People can not believe that an annual fee is not required.  There is a simple reason for this.  We have used new interception technology that is dynamic to newly created sites.  Hundreds of new porn sites are created everyday.  The majority of the software companies need to update their pornography lists everyday to keep up.  Of course, they cannot possibly keep up with this.  Only Stop P-O-R-N is able to dynamically detect newly created sites using interception technology. We encourage you to try our product for yourself.
We have made this product free, because we want this product to go to as many families as possible, to protect them from harmful internet content. 
Thank you for your interest in our products